About us

AgroPharma was launched in 2017 by a group of professionals from the hemp farming & trading industry with a simple goal of becoming the biggest player on the European Market for Hemp and CBD products. With headquarters in Prague, the Czech Republic and offices in Miami, USA, we can serve customers globally.

  • Being located in the heart of Europe we have access to some of the richest soil for growing technical hemp and we currently grow on farms in Italy, Slovakia, and Hungary.  We use the latest industry techniques in our farming and grow both conventional and organic hemp.

  • For the 2019 season, we are growing 300 hectares (741 acres) of hemp with a bulk extract capacity of around 2500 kilograms (5511 pounds) of purified CBD/CBG extracted from Futura 75 and Shantica crops.

  • For 2020 we have already allocated 1000 hectares with the option to add a further 2000 hectares.


We are passionate about the quality of our product and therefore make sure we are in control of the whole process, from selecting the highest quality seeds, constant control during the growth period and regular screening of plants during the growth, to the drying and extraction process in our state of the art certified facilities in Europe.

Our partner labs are some of the most respected and reliable in the region with certification for both the European and USA market and comply with FDA standards.


At AgroPharma we believe in being flexible to the demand of the market which is why we offer a wide range of hemp-derived products and offer both CO2 critical extraction as well as liquid extraction.

  • Bulk CBD oil
  • Bulk CBD paste
  • Bulk CBD crystals
  • Bulk CBG crystals
  • Bulk  CBD crumble
  • Bulk water soluble CBD
  • Bulk micro-granulated
    water soluble CBD
  • Bulk CBD balm
  • Bulk CBD terpenes
  • Dry HEMP materials

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